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Wonderful Miracles


Wrought by the Mighty Hand of God


Lily Denham



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Written in 1922, this book tells the story of Lily Denham who was part of the rapidly emerging Pentecostal movement in England.

She was an ardent evangelist as a young woman and soon began to see miracles and healings in her ministry. Throughout the world the Pentecostal movement was experiencing powerful miracles and conversions and the same phenomena broke out in Britain. This book records many such signs and wonders that Lily Denham had the privilege of participating in.

She was well known in UK and shared platforms with the early Pentecostal healing evangelists, George and Stephen Jeffreys.

Mrs. Denham was greatly influenced by Maria Woodworth-Etter's book entitled 'Signs and Wonders,' and undertook to write a similar collection of events that took place in the British Isles, which includes a letter and blessing of Mrs. Woodworth-Etter herself.