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Finished biography of nearly fifty years of ministry


Maria Woodworth-Etter

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Maria Woodworth-Etter was a lady born out of due time. Her powerful Pentecostal ministry pre-dates the beginning of the Pentecostal Movement.

Her meetings were filled with supernatural phenomena. Prostrations, speaking and singing in tongues, falling under the power of the Spirit, trances and visions and, of course, abundant miracles of healing, were commonplace.

Tens of thousands were converted as a result of her tireless service. Wherever she went she laid hands on the ministers, believing that the anointing could be passed from one to another.

It is astounding, that in the late 19th century the perceptions and practices of the most significant movement of history - Pentecostalism at the end of the 20th century - would be so eloquently and effectively proclaimed.

Her most widely-read books, 'Signs and Wonders' and Marvels and Miracles' which are huge tomes - both over 600 pages - but this one covers a longer period, with new material, but is written in a much briefer and less detailed way.

Nevertheless, its 167 pages are packed with stories of healings, miraculous signs and wonders and some new sermons which make it a very attractive read for anyone.