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Lessons in Depravity


Sex Education and the sexual revolution


ES Williams



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Lessons in Deparvity examines sex education in a historical context. As the story of the sex education movement unfolds, so the link between the messages of the sex educators and the ideology of the sexual revolution becomes increasingly clear. Dr Williams explains that sex education , which has developed from the ideas of the sexual revolutionaries, is one of the great moral evils of our time in that it demoralises sexual conduct and misleads children with promises of 'safer sex'. Within the framework of moral relativism children are presented with sexual facts and encouraged to make 'informed' choices whether to have sex or not. Those who decide to have sex are helped to negiotate 'safer sex' with a partner. And sex educators oppose the 'moralisers', asserting that 'preaching' makes it less likely that children will make the right sexual choices.
Lessons in Depravity exposes the moral relativism of sex education to the light of biblical truth. In view of the inherent moral dangers, no parent can afford to stand back and leave the moral instruction of their children in the hands of State sex education.