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Joybringer Bosworth



Perkins, Eunice M.



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The life story of F. F. Bosworth, 1877-1958 is one of the most inspiring stories of the early healing evangelists that is available today.

Born in Nebraska and raised in a Methodist home, he was converted and experienced healing from major lung problems in his teen years. Some years later he moved to J. A. Dowie's Zion City and witnessed many astounding miracles of healing along with his close friend John G. Lake, also famed later as a healing evangelist.

Influenced by Charles Parham the two friends visited Azusa Street and entered the Pentecostal experience.

As an Assemblies of God pastor, Bosworth hosted Maria Woodworth-Etter in 1912 and he was soon to join the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Houston, Texas, as an itinerant healing evangelist.

This continued until his retirement, when he worked alongside William Branham.