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Receive Ye the Holy Ghost



A. A. Allen



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This book is a classic on how to be baptised in the Holy Spirit written by A. A. Allen, one of the greatest healing evangelists of the 1950ís Healing Revival in USA - a revival which swept the world, revitalising Pentecostalism and birthing the Charismatic movement of new churches.

Allen was very theatrical and flamboyant in his style but he was clearly one of the most powerful ministries amongst his peers. He preached an old-time Pentecostal message, gave altar calls for conversions, cast out demons and healed the sick.

This book on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit was a major message of Allenís ministry and thousands received the Spirit in his meetings.

All Christians need this great gift of God as much today as when this was written over 60 years ago in the middle of the greatest revival of history.