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The Pentecostal Ministry



Gordon Lindsay



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This book was written by one of the great leaders of the Healing Revival of the 1940-50's which revitalised Pentecostalism and brought the charismatic movement to birth. Gordon Lindsay was well-equipped to write such advice to leaders of the new churches because he had been a pastor himself for many years and was also on the front-line of healing evangelism where gifts and ministries of the Holy Spirit were regularly manifested.

He was the catalyst of the Healing evangelist's through his organisation, the Voice of Healing, it was him who, above all others, maintained Scriptural faithfulness and sensible balance in those days when God's raw power was at work.

This book deals with the varied phases of apostolic ministry will be of interest mostly to church leaders.

It covers various gifts, especially prophecy, healing and faith, as well as ministries such as apostles, pastors and evangelists.

In addition there is much material on prayer, pastoral ministry, the church, unity and church-based evangelism.

This is a great two-volume set that will benefit charismatic church leaders today.