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Three Keys to the Book of Acts



T. L. Osborn



Product Description:

Would you enjoy attending a meeting of the early Bible Christians?

Would you like to hear Peter preach?

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you were arrested and thrown into jail for your faith in Christ?

What is your mental picture of Paul casting the demon out of a fortune teller?

Do you think you would have joined the multitudes in Samaria to hear Philip preach and do miracles if you had lived there?

How would you feel if Stephen was your own blood brother? What would you do if they took him out and stoned him to death?

'THREE KEYS TO THE BOOK OF ACTS' will make you feel as if you were living in the days of the Early Church.

You will get a fresh look at early Christianity with the awful stigma and persecution involved, but also with the glorious triumphs of faith which were commonplace.