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How To Enjoy Your Marriage


A Guide for Marriage Counsellors, Engaged and Married Couples





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A good marriage will ebb and flow much like the tidal pull of the oceans.
This is a book that serves as a counselling manual as well as a self-study book for Christians at various stages of Christian marriage - singles looking for a partner, engaged couples and married couples. The 34 studies cover topics from marriage as God's idea, the single life, courtship and the principles and practice of magnificent marriages. They provide single people and married couples with the tools they need to make vital decisions in their love life. The book has also been written with the marriage counsellor in mind. It provides a ready programme for premarital counselling as well as insights for helping couples to deal with major marriage issues such as finance, communication and sex. This is a book you will go to again and again as an invaluable reference material.