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The Battle is God's


Reflecting on Spiritual warfare for African Believers


Keith Ferdinando



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The reality of Christian living is always one of spiritual conflict: believers are members of the church militant, and they are in serious danger if they forget it. The purpose of the
present study is to reflect on the nature of spiritual combat in
the African context. Of course, because humanity is essentially
the same in every age and place � created in God�s image, fallen, in need of redemption � as are sin, Satan, the world and the gospel of grace, much that is said here should be always and everywhere true. However, there are also distinct issues
that emerge from the particularity of the cultural context, and
to these special attention must be given. It is the purpose
of this study to reflect on issues of spiritual warfare which African culture raises, while setting them in the context of the overriding themes of such warfare that characterise every
time and place.