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Serving and Shepherding


Some Aspects of Church Life in New Testament Times


Ken Morris



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Mr. Morris' pamphlet will stimulate our determination to discard what is merely traditional, and to demand scriptural authority for all that we believe and endorse. We are sure that the blessing of God will follow his endeavours to do this'.

Since this booklet was originally published the need for material on this subject has increased. Its re-publication is a timely reminder of what the scriptures teach rather than what is practised amongst us. Mr. Morris does not write to condemn what is wrong but to seek to teach what is right. He encourages us to examine the scriptures on a regular basis to ensure that our assembly life is in tune with what the word of God enjoins. But this booklet is equally challenging of the life of the individual. Mr. Morris emphasizes that overseers are those who fulfil a work rather than those afforded an official status or position in a formalized oversight. To fulfil that work they need to be in a spiritual condition conducive with it.

His summary of the qualities of a true overseer remain a challenge to us all: 'A true shepherd knows the sheep . . . gives, even to the extent of laying down his life for the sheep . . . feeds the sheep . . . guides the sheep . . . watches the sheep . . . protects the sheep . . . restores the sheep'. May the re-publication of this booklet help us to rise to the challenge of such a work and to love and respect those who fulfil it.