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The Evangelisation Society of Australasia


The First Thirty Five Years 1883-1918


Robert Evans

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The Evangelisation Society of Victoria commenced its operations in Melbourne in 1883. It was led by several outstanding laymen and ministers, including several wealthy supporters. In 1892, the economic situation declined badly, and in the several years following. In 1897 the Society's name was changed to the Evangelisation Society of Australasia because the Society was receiving invitations to send its preachers to other Australian colonies and states, and to New Zealand.

The Society was heavily involved in the visit in 1902 by the American evangelists, the Rev. R. A. Torrey and Mr. Charles M. Alexander, which was associated with a period of revival in many parts of Australia in the years 1902 to 1905.

The story of the Society through until 1918 is told here mainly in terms of the lives and activities of the evangelists who worked for the Society through this period. It tells a remarkable story of an important aspect of the soul-saving work of the Australian Protestant Churches.

The Rev. Robert Evans is a Uniting Church minister, retired from parish work after more than thirty years. He is President of the denomination's Historical Society in NSW, and has written a number of other books on the history of evangelism in Australia in the Nineteenth Century. Details of his life and work can be found at

The Rev. Dr. Darrell Paproth was ordained in the Anglican Church, and served in parishes for 12 years. Until recently he lectured in church history, culture and worship at the Bible College of Victoria. His PhD. is from Deakin University. He has published a great range of historical articles and chapters of books, and a book on C.H. Nash. He is currently working on another thesis about evangelism in colonial Melbourne. He has special interests in Geelong and in the influence of social theory and architecture on history.