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The Evangelisation Society of Australasia (2)


The Second Period 1919-1945


Robert Evans

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The Evangelisation Society of Australasia had a long and very useful life for sixty years, from 1883 to 1943, based in Melbourne. This book covers the second half of this period, and is a sequel to The Evangelisation Society of Australasia; the First 35 Years. 1883 to 1918, authored by Robert Evans and Dr Darrell Paproth.

At times the Society's team of evangelists was strong, and provided a stable basis for the work. At other times the Executive had to struggle to find suitable preachers to lead the missions which were requested. The work was often very fruitful but after 1930 was carried on under severe financial restrictions. Often the evangelists could not be paid. After 1935, the leadership and the manpower situations both declined sadly, and by 1938 the Society's work ceased.

After a brief resuscitation in 1942, the end came in March, 1943, when the Executive voted itself out of existence, handing over the Society's assets and work to the Australian Christian Colportage Association, which was a new and similar organisation. In 1944, the A.C.C.A. changed its name to The Evangelisation Society of Australia, and continued preaching the Gospel in country areas for many years with good effect.