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The Prayer Which Brought A Great Revival


A Book of Documents on the Second Great Awakening in the U.S.A.


Edited by Robert Evans

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Most of the documents reproduced in this book were first published between 1798 and 1845. They portray the history and evolution of the Monthly Concert of Prayer in the United States of America, and reflect its world-wide influence. They outline the great revivals which swept America from Boston to the Mississippi again and again, in answer to these prayers, which we now call the Second Great Awakening. This was a very important and formative chapter in American history.

This prayer movement flowed in part from Jonathan Edwards's book which called for united, extraordinary prayer for the revival of religion.

Where else can we find the same power today to effect a similar change in our world of the twenty-first century, but by turning to God, as the Christians did world-wide between 1792 and 1845?

The Editor, the Rev. Robert Evans, is a retired minister of the Uniting Church in Australia. Details about his other researches can be found at

The Preface has been written by the Rev. Dr. Rhys Bezzant, an Anglican minister, and Director of the Jonathan Edwards Centre at Ridley College, Melbourne.