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The twentieth century Church experienced a miraculous manifestation of the Holy Spirit's power, unparalleled in her history since the first centuries of the Christian era. This outbreak of revival was spontaneous and unorganised, breaking out in different parts and among different groups of Christians at the same time.

At first the official church was hostile to this new movement but the author of this book made it public and established its churches in the main thoroughfares of each of the four countries of the British Isles, besides sending missionaries to different parts of the world.

George Jeffreys always saw conversions and physical healings in his meetings, but the secret of his ministry, as well as the entire movement, was the power of the Holy Spirit.

In this once ground-breaking book the author introduces the Biblical truth about the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. He deals with the importance of the Holy Spirit in the life of Jesus and the early church and gives particular attention to the operation of various gifts of the Spirit in the church today. He also deals with the three baptisms of the New Testament and the fruit of the Spirit.

This is a valuable work for all those seeking to return to the New Testament model of effective church life and a successful personal walk with God.